10 Simple but Luxurious Home Front Designs that are pleasing to the eye


BONSERNEWS.com – Home Front Design is an important thing for your home. If the front of the house is beautiful, of course it will be the main attraction. This is the first impression others have of your home.

The front design of the house itself consists of a front wall, fence, driveway, roof, garden, main entrance and several windows. If you’re looking for inspiration for a simple but luxurious front of the house design, here are 10 recommendations that we provide.

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Front Design of Wooden, Stone and Concrete Houses

Front Design of Wood, Stone and Concrete Houses (Bonsernews.com/Pinterest.com)

The beauty of the modern house can be seen from the front of the house. You can play with different elements and textures for example using a combination of wood, stone and concrete. So that it will produce a front of house design that can be admired by many people.

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If mixed textures are an idea that appeals to you, choose a simple front of the house design like the one in the picture above. The concrete parapet, which is not too high, stands tall, equaling the height of the wooden gate. The same concrete and wood texture is used on the façade, accented by stunning stone tiles. The large windows that open on the first and ground floors have black metallic frames.

Cottage Style Home Front Design

Cottage Style Home Front Design (Bonsernews.com/Pinterest.com)

The front design of a cottage-style house, simple and classic-looking is a dream for those of you who like a rural atmosphere. As shown above, the outer walls can be made of stone and the roof can be layered. A stone path leads to a door with a large white-framed mirror.

In front of it is a beautiful and well-kept lawn which adds a green factor to the yard and makes it more attractive. What is not left behind is the flower bed which exudes a positive aura with its various flowers.

Modern Independent Home Front Design

Modern Independent Home Front Design (Bonsernews.com/Pinterest.com)

A modern house with a simple but elegant front of the house design has a classy impression. Check out the image above, and you’ll see why. The use of wood paneling on the floors, graceful gray walls, and charming stone and brick pillars, together with large windows in white frames, blend and present a façade that is modern and elegant at the same time.

Victorian Home Front Design

Victorian Home Front Design (Bonsernews.com/Pinterest.com)

Some people may describe a Victorian home as old-fashioned, but there are others who have great respect for front-of-house designs like this one. The front design of the Victorian style house is inspired by the era of the great Queen Victoria. It has certain distinct features such as high roof, bay window, gable trim, tall cylindrical turret, sash pane windows and many more.