5 The Meaning and Nature of Wukuf in the Hajj

BONSERNEWS.com – Wukuf is the pillars of Hajj that must be carried out by pilgrims. Wukuf is held in Arafah. As the words of the Prophet: الحجُّ عَرَفَةُ

It means “Hajj is standing at Arafah”.

In Minhajul Muslim’s book, standing at Arafah is visiting a place called Arafah for a while with the intention of standing.

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Starting from after midday on the ninth day of Dzulhijjah until dawn on the tenth day.

Reporting from the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia, that the meaning and essence of wukuf are:

1. Wukuf Means Stop

Implying that everything that was originally moving, will one day stop.
Everything that lives will die.

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2. Arafah Becomes a Symbol of Padang Mahsyar

In Padang Mahsyar, when humans face Allah with the same status.

Humans are silent, anxious, and full of hope while waiting for God’s decision, namely heaven or hell.

3. Arafah is the Symbol of Maqam Ma’rifah Billah

All differences are gone. All have the same status, namely as servants of God.