7 Manners of a Muslim towards the Qur’an Based on the Muslim Minhajul Book, Number 6 Makes Self-Introspection


BONSERNEWS.com – The Muslim Minhajul Book compiled by Shaykh Abu Bakar Jabir Al-Jazairi contains various adab that a Muslim must have based on the Qur’an and hadith.

In fact, in Minhajul Muslim’s book, it is written that a Muslim’s etiquette towards the Al-Qur’an itself.

The following are 7 adab that a Muslim must have towards the Al-Qur’an based on the Minhajul Muslim book.

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1. Read the Qur’an in the best conditions

In the book Minhajul Muslim, Shaykh Abu Bakar Jabir Al-Jazairi emphasizes the importance of reading the Qur’an in the best condition.

The best condition referred to here is in a state of purity or not exposed to uncleanness.

To protect oneself from big and small hadats when reading the Qur’an, it is also recommended to perform ablution before reading this Muslim holy book.

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In addition, when reading the Qur’an, a Muslim should also face the Qibla.

Also make sure that our sitting position when reading the Qur’an is ethical and polite.

2. Reading the Qur’an with tartil and not in a hurry

Reading the Qur’an should be done with tartil, namely slowly, fluently, clearly, and with the correct recitation and makhraj.

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