Bjorka is said to have 127 Bitcoins or the equivalent of Rp. 41.9 billion, besides hackers, it turns out that he is also a billionaire? – The actions of hackers or Bjorka hackers recently have caused an uproar among internet users in Indonesia.

Bjorka is a hacker and a member of the Breach Forums site, an online forum where he leaks and sells his hacked data.

The identity of Bjorka’s hacker is still a mystery, but little by little it seems to be coming to light. Most recently, this hacker is said to have 127 Bitcoin (BTC) or the equivalent of IDR 41.9 billion at this time.

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Bjorka’s hacker wealth was leaked by the Twitter account @darktracer_int on Monday, September 12, 2022. DarkTracer is an account that conducts investigations of people who commit cyber crimes.

In his tweet, DarkTrace claimed to have found a Cryptocurrency (crypto) wallet that allegedly belonged to Bjorka.

These are Bjorka’s Cryptocurrency wallets. There are transactions in his Bitcoin wallet. This could help track him down,” wrote DarkTracer, quoted from the screenshots circulating on Wednesday, September 14, 2022.

(This is Bjorka’s Cryptocurrency wallet. There are transactions made in her Bitcoin wallet. This can help track her down).

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In the same tweet, DarkTracer also attached a link that points to the website, which is claimed to have leaked information about a wallet that allegedly belonged to Bjorka.

The link shows an explanation of two transactions allegedly carried out by hacker Bjorka.

“This address has transacted twice on the Bitcoin Blockchain. He has received a total of 0.00263008 BTC ($58.52) and has sent a total of 0.00263008 BTC ($58.52). The current value of this address is 0.000000000 BTC ( $0.00),” wrote a statement on the site, quoting

DarkTrace found a cryptocurrency wallet (crypto) allegedly belonging to Bjorka.

DarkTrace found a cryptocurrency wallet (crypto) allegedly belonging to Bjorka. (

The page also contains information on the date of the last transaction, which was September 2, 2022. The transaction cost up to 0.00018984 BTC or around US$4.22 (Rp. 62 thousand).