Doomsday What is Known in Hinduism Should Be Found in Abrahamic Religions such as Islam and Christianity – In Hinduism, the concept of doomsday is not explained in the same way as in other religions such as Islam or Christianity.

Hinduism views the universe as a continuously repeating cycle, with an endless process of birth, life, death, and reincarnation.

In the Hindu view, there is no definite end to this universe. Instead, there is a cycle that repeats itself known as the “Yuga Cycle” or “Yuga Cycle”.

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According to that cycle, the world experiences four different ages in succession: Satya Yuga (Golden Age), Treta Yuga, Dvapara Yuga, and Kali Yuga (Dark Age). After the Kali Yuga has reached its highest point of chaos and injustice, the Yuga cycle will again begin with a new Satya Yuga.

In some Hindu texts such as the Puranas, there are descriptions of significant events such as the collapse and rise of the world, but these are considered as part of an endless cycle. This concept places more emphasis on continuous change and evolution, rather than on the end of the world.

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Nevertheless, it is important to note that Hinduism is a very broad and varied religion. There are various schools and traditions within Hinduism which may have slightly different emphases or interpretations of this concept. ()

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