Explanation of the Core Teachings of Siddharta Gautama, the Spiritual Teacher Behind the Emergence of Buddhism

BONSERNEWS.com– The name Siddharta Gautama is known to Buddhists as an important figure in the concept of their religious teachings.

Siddhartha Gautama spread the exemplary teachings that Buddhists currently believe in and practice.

The core teachings of the Buddha were spread by Siddharta Gautama after he had gone through a long process in his life to get the highest enlightenment.

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The Buddha’s teachings originate from the Tripitaka book which contains a collection of sermons, parables and explanations when he and his followers were divided into 3 groups, namely the Vinaya Pitaka, Sutta Pitaka and Abhidharma Pitaka.

The Vinaya Pitaka contains matters related to discipline for monks.

The Sutta Pitaka discusses a collection of sermons by the Buddha, while the Abhidharma Pitaka contains psychology, logic, ethics and metaphysics.

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As a religion, Buddhism does not start from an understanding of God and his relationship to the universe and all that is in it.

Instead, Buddhist teachings start from the conditions faced by humans on a daily basis.

Broadly speaking, the teachings of Buddha dharma or Buddhism are summarized in three main teachings, namely the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.

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1. Buddha
The teachings of the Buddha emphasize how Buddhists view Gautama Buddha as the founder of Buddhism and a spiritual principle that every living being can attain.

The ascetic Gautama has attained perfect enlightenment, true knowledge and perfect liberation of mind.