Not long ago, there was a viral video of a family hit by Banaspati terror, see full explanation – Not long ago there was a viral video of a family being terrorized by banaspati.

In this banaspati terror viral video uploaded by Ustadz Faizar’s TikTok account @muhammmadfaizar.h

Not only posted on his TikTok account, but the ustadz also shared the post on his Instagram account @muhammad.faizar.

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In this post, there were 38.3 thousand likes and in the comments column there were also around 872 comments from netizens.

Regarding what banaspati is, the ustadz explains in the viral video.

“Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb. The past few days have been a unique and rare case,” opened Ustadz Faizar.

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“Where I found clients who were elderly, they came to our office Arsyada Yadaka Indonesia,” continued the ustadz.

“They complain that their house often catches fire, fires appear in places where it doesn’t make sense that the fire was there,” said this famous ustadz.

“So maybe ah I think it’s an electric short circuit,” he said.

“However, it turns out that this family has brought in electricians to their homes no less,” he said.

“Even up to the report to PLN, all said the house was safe from short circuits,” continued the ustadz again.

“There is no short circuit, no cable problems, everything is safe,” said Ustadz Faizar.