Not long ago, there was a viral video of a family hit by the Banaspati Terror. Then what is Banaspati? Check out the Reviews – Not long ago there was a viral video of a family being terrorized by banaspati.

In this banaspati terror viral video uploaded by Ustadz Faizar’s TikTok account @muhammmadfaizar.h

Not only posted on his TikTok account, but the ustadz also shared the post on his Instagram account @muhammad.faizar.

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Where in this viral video, there is a family that was shocked by an incident.

The incident in question is that there was a family who was suddenly shocked by the burning of goods in the house.

In fact, this family has summoned an electrician and has reported it to PLN. All of them stated that there was no electric short circuit.

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This can also be called the banaspati terror. Then what is banaspati?

Where banaspati is said to resemble a flying fireball or a burning human similar to the Ghost Rider figure in Marvel comics.

The figure of this supernatural being is believed to be a medium for sending teluh which can kill its victims.

Even so, the figure of banaspati is also often found in temple reliefs in Java.

In banaspati it is usually found above the threshold of the temple entrance.

Then banaspati is a legend or story in society about a spirit that is part of Indonesian culture.