Old age still wants to live in wealth, this line of artists choose boarding houses


BONSERNEWS.com – A number of Indonesian artists seem to have prepared an emergency fund if they are no longer active in the entertainment world.

Today many artists have spread their wings to other fields. Not only on television or social media, many artists have tried other activities, such as starting a business and starting a business.

But not a few also focus on working on the boarding house business. They reasoned that by doing this business there is a lucrative source of passive income.

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So who are the artists who are slowly making efforts to open these boarding houses? Summarized from various sources, the following is a row of these artists.

  1. Naysila Mirdad

This artist, who has skyrocketed through various acting roles in the world of Indonesian soap operas, has recently faded. However, compared to the best in the business world, his business has skyrocketed. It is known that he currently has a property business in the form of boarding houses in Bandung, West Java. Several sources state that the child of Lydia Kandau and Jamal Mirdad has up to 50 doors (rooms) and is able to earn up to Rp. 75 million per month.

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  1. Zaskia Gothic

The singer who is famous for rocking his ducks is said to have a boarding house business. The results he achieved from his popularity in the world of entertainment. Zaskia then chose to invest part of her income in the entertainment world in the property business, such as boarding houses. Reportedly, currently Zaskia has boarding houses in the Cikarang industrial area, West Java. This business has been started since 2015. The land he owns is 10 hectares and Zaskia has also succeeded in building 10 boarding houses with each consisting of 20 boarding rooms. It is estimated that Zaskia benefits from the boarding house business reaching IDR 140 million every month.

  1. Ideals

Another singer who chooses boarding houses as another source of income is Citatata. Cita prefers to invest the proceeds from her work as an entertainer in the boarding house business. Cita reportedly succeeded in building 50 boarding houses in the Tasikmalaya area, West Java. According to the news, Cita can earn a passive income of IDR 100 million per month.

  1. Kiran’s image

The artist, who is now the wife of Rezky Aditya, is indeed very famous in the Indonesian artistic world. Nevertheless, Citra knew that her career in the world of acting would have a period of decline, so she chose the boarding house business. Citra reportedly has dozens of boarding rooms in Bandung, West Java. However, it is not known exactly how much turnover each month. However, if it is estimated, the passive income that Citra gets from this business reaches hundreds of millions of rupiah per month. ()