Retirement Period Still Want Cuan? So Just Be a Boarding House Owner! – Every human being definitely wants to always get benefits or long fortune until he enters retirement.

Moreover, an entrepreneur from the beginning has been struggling with the business sector. But did you know that the boarding house business is a business that is currently growing again? Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this business was down for a while, but now it’s up again.

As is known, the boarding house business is a promising business. This business is growing rapidly with increasing birth rates.

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So what if you want to start this boarding house business? Summarized from various sources, see the explanation below

  1. Own a Building

The most important thing about this business is that you must first own the building. You can’t rent out a room if you don’t have a building. You can start using a number of empty rooms in your house to rent out as boarding rooms. However, if you don’t you can make a special building to be used as a boarding house, but with a note that for this one thing you need a lot of capital.

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  1. Pay Attention to Location

You also have to be good at choosing a location for this business. Make sure the location of your boarding house is close to public facilities or schools and campuses. Quoted from Biz Fluent, the average person rents a boarding room because of school, college, work, or temporary assignments. So make sure in advance the target you want to pursue.

  1. Calculate Budget

You need to make preparations starting from building the place to the details. In terms of location, the closer to the city center or crowd, the higher the price of land, and vice versa. Costs will also of course be different between you building yourself or buying from a finished building. Then adjust the budget with the strength of the capital you have.

  1. Decide Who Can Hire

You also need to pay attention to this business, who can rent your boarding house. Is it specifically for women or men. Another option, you can also create a mixed boarding house business or can rent it out to a married couple (couples). Whatever decision you choose, of course it will have an impact on the consequences after this business is running. ()