See, These are 5 Types of Houses of Choice for the Millennial Generation – Increasingly soaring property prices in urban areas are driving the millennial generation further away. Homes at affordable prices are increasingly far from places of work.

However, property developers have provided a variety of choices to suit the tastes of today’s millennial generation.

The location of housing has a very important role in determining housing for the millennial generation. The more strategic the residential location, the more comfortable it is for the residents.

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Millennials can get this dream house. If you have sufficient funds, you can of course buy a housing unit that you want.

However, you can also get the occupancy by applying for a Home Ownership Credit (KPR) through a bank.

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Here are 5 types of homes chosen by the millennial generation:

1. Houses in alternative locations

The millennial generation is more interested in housing that is located on the outskirts of the city. They think that houses in the suburbs are more comfortable, because they are relatively affordable. Then, the location to the city center is also easier because of toll road access and public transportation.

2. Open design

Residential buildings with an open design without corridors are preferred by young people. This is because they consider air circulation and natural lighting.

3. Smart home

The smart home concept captivates millennials. How could it not be, by being connected to the internet network, all the furniture in the house can be controlled with one device.