The following are the virtues of the month of Dzulhijjah, let’s look at the full and detailed explanations and descriptions – The moment of the virtue of the month of Dzulhijjah is often missed by us. In fact, there are many special practices that can draw closer to Allah SWT.

Moreover, we do not know how long given the chance to live. Therefore, let’s welcome the virtues of the month of Dzulhijjah with 10 special practices.

In the month of Dzulhijjah there are certain times to carry out special practices. The time referred to is stated in Surah Al Fajr verse 2 which reads, “And by the ten nights.”

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According to Imam Ibnu Katsir, a commentator stated that the second verse of Surah Al Fajr about ‘the ten nights’, has the meaning as the first ten days of the month of Dzulhijjah.

This was also said by Ibn Abbas, Ibn Zubair, Mujahid, and others from among the salaf and khalaf.

The hadith narrated by Imam Bukhari also confirms, from Sayyidina Abdullah Ibn Abbas, Rasulullah SAW said, “There are no days in which good deeds are more loved by Allah than these days.” (meaning the first ten days of the month of Dzulhijjah).

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The companions asked, “Including jihad fi sabilillah?” Rasulullah replied, “Including jihad fi sabilillah. Except for someone who goes out to wage jihad with his life and wealth, then no one comes back at all.” (HR. Bukhari).()