These are the customs of visiting graves that need to be known, let’s look at the following reviews and explanations – Quoting from the Smart Book of 50 Adab arranged by Arfiani, there are a number of adab that need to be considered when visiting graves, namely:

1. Greetings

It is sunnah to greet the occupants of Muslim cemeteries.

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As for greetings, you should face the face of the corpse and then say:

Peace be upon you, Allah, mercy and blessings be upon us O Allah

Latin Arabic:

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Assalaamu ‘alaikum ‘ala expertd diyaari minal mu’miniina wal muslimiin wa innaa in syaa Allahu bikum lahiquun, as long as Allahu lanaa wa akumul ‘aafiyah

It means:

“Safety to the occupants of the graves from the believers and Muslims, we God willing, we will follow you all. I ask Allah for safety for us and for all of you.” (Muslim HR)

2. Reading short letters

Reading short letters is the sunnah of Rasulullah SAW when visiting graves.

By reading a short letter, the person present will receive a reward. Meanwhile, the corpse is expected to receive mercy.