Turnover Over 100 Million! This is a List of Indonesian Artists Who Have Succeeded in Property Investment

BONSERNEWS.com – Property investment is the choice of many people to be able to get as much profit as Indonesian artists are no exception.

In fact, many property investments made by Indonesian artists bring in turnover of more than 100 million rupiah.

Who are the Indonesian artists? Just take a look at some of the famous names.

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Maia Estianty

The name of the first Indonesian artist known to be successful in property investment is Maia Estianty.

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As you know, apart from being known as musicians, the Duo Maia personnel are also involved in other fields, especially property.

For property, starting with Maia Estianty buying an apartment and then adding various luxury furniture.

With the target of socialites, it is clear that the apartment owned by Ahmad Dhani’s ex-wife is selling at a high price.

Nikita Willy

Next is the name of the beautiful artist Nikita Willy who also doesn’t want to be left behind by Maia Estianty.

Inviting his mother, Nikita Willy then tried the property business, which consisted of land, apartments, clusters and townhouses.

It’s no joke, because from the various property investments made by Nikita Willy, it turns out that the monthly turnover is more than 100 million rupiah.