What Is NFT and Its Pros and Cons? Here’s the explanation


BONSERNEWS.com – Have you heard the term NFT lately, both on social media and in person conversations? Let’s find out what this means.

I wonder what NFT means, which has recently been the subject of discussion on social media.

Have you previously known what this NFT means directly?

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It turns out that NFT stands for Non-Fungible Tokens which is often referred to in the world of crypto.

Non-Fungible Tokens or NFT is an idea in the world of digital assets in the form of concept evolution cryptocurrencies.

Since 2021, in the crypto community, NFTs have received great attention.

NFT can be summed up as a digital asset representing an item.

NFTs assist artists, athletes and musicians in determining their copyrights without any third party interference.

In addition, NFT is currently developing in the world of the arts, hobbies and entertainment industries which include works of art, video clips, music, games, and so on.

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This is because NFT has the advantage of having the owner’s copyright starting from the name, price and history of ownership.

Uniquely, this NFT works like a fingerprint where the system will verify asset ownership.

Usually NFTs are made by artists to make their work get full copyright.