4 Architectural Design Styles, Suitable To Be An Idea In Building A Dream House


BONSERNEWS.com – Confused in determining the architectural style for those of you who are building a house to live in.

You don’t need to worry about the development of the times, of course there are many architectural styles of houses that you can choose from.

In determining the architectural style of the house, it is not only about the building to protect its inhabitants.

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But it also includes the visuals as well as the beauty and comfort of the house itself.

Of course, the architectural design of the house will differ from time to time, the characteristics of a house depend on the taste of the owner.

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Here are some home architectural style ideas that you can choose for your dream home design.

1. Minimalist House

For this minimalist home architectural style, it has been very popular for years in determining the ideal home design.

Because minimalism focuses on planning a home design with a simple concept, shape, space, detail, color, and materials.

Characteristics for minimalist home architectural designs in form and function such as finishing walls and cladding, clean open spaces, adequate lighting and so on.