It’s fun to pay off mortgage mortgage payments, let’s take care of Roya immediately, check the complete information requirements here – The completion of mortgage payments (KPR) is a moment that every customer has been waiting for. Of course, in paying off a mortgage there will be things that must be resolved immediately.

One of them is taking care of the royalty over the ownership of the land owned. But in fact, there are still many homeowners, both KPR and non-KPR, who are not familiar with the term roya.

Then, what is royal? And, why should we take care of roya after our mortgage or bank loan is paid off? How important is this process for us as house or land owners.

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Roya is the removal of mortgage rights when we finish or pay off the loan at the bank. Roya is very important as a document declaring an asset in the form of a house or land free from the debt of a lending institution.

Mortgage rights are collateral rights to land for repayment of certain debts, which give priority to creditors over other creditors.

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To take care of roya, we only need to take care of it at the ATR/BPN office where our house certificate is made. It can be taken care of by yourself or through a notary.

Apart from that, roya can also be taken care of through the bank where we apply for credit. However, it depends on the bank and there is usually a special extra fee.

If you are going to take care of your own roya, you can go directly to the ATR/BPN office or through online methods. It’s also inexpensive and easy.

Before visiting the ATR/BPN office. There is several things that must be prepared to do roya. What are they?

1. Application form which has been filled out and signed by the applicant or his attorney on stamp duty;

2. Power of attorney if the royal request is authorized;

3. Photocopy of identity Applicants can use KTP or KK. If the photocopy of identity is authorized, it will be matched first by the counter staff;