Let’s Look at the Complete History of the Islamic New Year, Following Reviews and Explanations of the History of the Islamic New Year


BONSERNEWS.com – It started when Governor Abu Musa Al-Asyari wrote a letter given to Caliph Umar Bin Khattab ra.

To the leader, he admitted that he was confused about letters that had no year.

This is what makes it difficult when storing documents or archiving.

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This condition underlies the making of the Islamic calendar, at which time Muslims were still adopting pre-Islamic Arab civilization without year numbers, only months and dates.

Rasulullah saw himself used this calendar as a perfect time.

For example, returning the month to 12 and not moving back and forth the months or days that the ignorant people should have at that time.

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The history of the Islamic New Year begins with the confusion of Muslims when determining the year.

In the days before the Prophet Muhammad, the Arabs did not use the year to mark any event.

But only using day and month so it’s quite confusing.

For example, at that time the Prophet Muhammad was born in the Year of the Elephant.

This is proof that at that time the Arab community did not use numbers to determine the year.

Starting from here, the companions of the Prophet gathered to determine the Islamic calendar.