Want to have a house at a young age? Here’s the Anti-Fail Saving Tips

BONSERNEWS.com – Everyone definitely wants to have a dream home, especially the Millennial generation, who are currently in their productive age, of course one of their goals is to have their own place to live.

However, the high price of property is a problem that seems to never end. Saving from an early age is the first step that must be taken so that Millennials can have a home.

Instead of wasting time buying unnecessary things, let’s follow 4 saving tips so you can buy your dream home!

1. Set Targets

Before saving, you have to do a little research first about your dream home. Such as the type of residence, the location chosen, how to access it, whether it is a cluster or residence, surrounding facilities, maintenance costs, and so on.

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If you have determined the things above, you can make a fee scheme that must be collected and when this target must be achieved. This must be planned as well as possible so that you don’t lose your way and remain consistent in saving,

2. Saving at the Beginning of the Month

After creating a fee scheme, you can start saving when payday arrives. For example, if you get paid on the 1st, then that day you immediately place funds in predetermined posts, such as for daily needs, entertainment, emergency funds, insurance, and home mortgages.

That way you have made the same portion for each fund post without reducing the nominal amount that should be. Family finances are also healthier because everything is arranged at the beginning of the month.

3. Saving in a Special Account

Saving in a special account and activating the autodebit feature is the way of the ninja so that you are more disciplined. The income you receive will automatically be allocated to a special account with a predetermined amount and the important thing is that there is no reason to forget to set it aside.

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