Definition of Property and Benefits for the Owner – In general, property is a designation that has a meaning, namely a building or land that is already owned by someone. It can be said that this property is not just a building that stands but also includes information on the land and the buildings that stand on it.

Meanwhile, according to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), property is assets in the form of land, buildings and facilities and infrastructure that are inseparable from the said land or buildings.

If you already have legally valid property rights, then a person has property rights, use rights, or lease rights to be able to use a building as well as a plot of land and all kinds of things that exist on that land.

Property is something that is closely related to ownership. Therefore, before owning a property, you will be faced with many important documents that you must take care of in order to get your rights to the property, be it ownership rights, usufructuary rights, or lease rights to be able to utilize a building as well as a plot of land and all kinds of things. existing on the land.

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Property Products

The use of this property product is not only limited to land or only houses. Based on the intended purpose, property products are classified into 4 types:

1. Commercial buildings

Properties in the form of commercial buildings like this are used for commercial needs such as businesses or companies. The majority of these property owners will rent out their buildings as offices, shopping centers, shop houses, service centers such as hotels, hospitals and so on. Commercial buildings are usually located in the city center with densely populated (strategic) activities.

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2. Residential buildings

Another type of property is a residential building. Residential is defined as a building that functions as a residence or residence. Included in the category of residential buildings include residential houses, villas, housing, boarding houses, dormitories, flats or apartments.

In Indonesia, many people own property in the form of more than one house in various regions. Not only for living, but most of them function as a long-term investment, considering that the available land will be increasingly narrow and has the potential to increase property prices from time to time.

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