Make no mistake, these are property investment tips for beginners – Property is one of the investments that people are interested in. Property investment is considered more promising, when compared to gold, bonds, and stocks. Investment in the property sector is considered safer and more profitable.

Property investment is also considered more flexible, it can be done in the short or long term. A very popular type of investment in Indonesia is a house. Because housing is for Indonesian people.

Property is said to be an asset that is not affected by inflation, it is likely that the price will increase every year. For this reason, property is suitable as a long-term investment vehicle.

In addition, properties can also be rented out in the short or long term, this can make the owner still get a steady passive income.
For those of you who are just starting to invest in property, here are some tips that you can follow so you don’t take the wrong step:

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1. Check the completeness of the documents

Being a smart buyer is the most important thing in starting your first property investment. Arm yourself with adequate knowledge so you don’t take the wrong step.
Make it a habit to check the completeness of documents related to property purchases. Don’t let problems arise later because you neglect to examine these documents, such as property certificates or land deeds and Building Permits (IMB).

2. Choose a trusted developer

If you want to buy a property product, whether it’s a landed house or an apartment, it’s a good idea to choose a property from a well-known and trusted developer. This is done as a precautionary measure, bearing in mind that property fraud can occur and it will definitely harm you.

Try to do a survey first about the targeted property, then find out who the developer is responsible for behind it. Check the developer’s track record, so you will feel safer when making transactions later.

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3. Check market prices

Do lots of research before investing in property. This is so that we can get the maximum profit with minimum capital. Do research both online and in the field. With some comparisons, we can choose a property with the best price that can be obtained.