This is what must be considered before investing in property in tourist areas – Indonesia is a country that has many famous tourist destinations throughout the world, one of which is Bali. In tourist areas like this, of course we will find many hotels, inns, resorts and property sharing that support this tourism sector.

Are you interested in owning a property in a tourist area? This is a profitable investment because properties in tourist locations continue to increase in value. This investment is perfect for those of you who intend to live there now or when you retire.

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House prices in areas that are usually considered tourist locations or suitable for vacations continue to increase quite sharply. Now, apart from Bali, more and more new areas are starting to develop their tourism, more and more young people are turning to these small towns to buy their first home because they offer more affordable accommodation, less traffic jams and better educational facilities. increasing day by day.

If you are interested in buying a property in a tourist spot, here are the things you need to consider so you don’t take the wrong step.

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1. Location

Make sure the location is easy to reach and is a place that tourists usually visit. Also check whether the cost of transportation to the location is expensive or affordable. Property that is close to the beach, river or other tourist attractions, will add value to the property. What’s more, if your property is directly facing these tourist attractions, it will attract a lot of tourist attention to your property.

2. Investment potential

Check the popularity and price growth in the area you want to buy, because not all property investment areas always increase in price, so make sure you choose a good, strategic location and have good prospects in the future. If you intend to resell at some point in the future, make sure the property is family-friendly, and if it has fantastic views, it can add value to the property.

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3. Future prospects

If you are in your 40s you may want to buy a property for retirement. Then upon retirement, you will live there for the rest of your life, preferably the property you purchase should fit your current and future lifestyle. Pay attention to small aspects such as easy-to-clean floors and large open areas for family and friends to entertain.