The Important Role of Islamic Religious Education in Maintaining Culture and Civilization

[ad_1] – Education is the key to the progress of a nation, even the catalyst for high civilization. A nation that ignores education will fall into an underdeveloped nation.

Islamic religious education plays an important role in maintaining culture and civilization so that it remains on the path of humanity and divine values.

Therefore, Islamic religious education is always relevant to be discussed, not only in the context of Islam but also in Indonesia.

“Cooperation between institutions needs to be strengthened in contributing ideas for the betterment of the people,” said the Director of the Sadra International Institute, Dr. Abdul Aziz Abbacy in Jakarta, Wednesday 12 July 2023.

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Meanwhile, Head of the Islamic Religious Education Study Program at Al-Azhar Indonesia University, Bahrul Ulum said, classical Islamic civilization reached its peak when the ‘aqliyah (rational) sciences were developed.

“Therefore, students must be introduced not only to the basic teachings of Islam but also to intellectual treasures,” he said.

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Meanwhile, Ammar Fauzi emphasized the importance of students having thinking skills. According to him, students should have the ability to think logically, rationally.

Therefore, the science of logic (mantiq) must be included in the higher education curriculum, especially so that literacy is strong. With strong literacy, the new generation can be immune from hoaxes and criticism,” he said.

Furthermore, Ammar Fauzi argues, Islamic education is oriented towards how to make humans as God-humans, namely humans who have a resemblance to the Divine.

UAI Islamic Religious Education Lecturer, Tata S,. Purnama explained that basically Islamic education is rooted in the Al-Quran and strengthened by philosophy.

“Philosophy can be a solid foundation to build a reliable and operative theory of education. But, again, philosophy needs to be supported by knowledge or science so that it can be applied practically,” he said.

Dr. M. Subhi-Ibrahim as head of the Islamic Studies Masters program at Paramadina University gave a perspective that Islamic education is cored so that we have morals with Divine morals.