What follows are the practices of Tasyrik Day? Anyone know anything? Let’s Check Out the Full Review

BONSERNEWS.com – Many people wonder what is actually called tasyrik day.

As is well known, Islam recognizes the term tasyrik day which means three days after nahar or Eid al-Adha.

Some scholars argue that Tasyrik day is two days.

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While some other scholars say that Tasyrik day consists of three days.

These three days fall on the 11th, 12th and 13th of Zulhijah.

Quoted from the book The Secret of Powerful Energy Sweep the Jagat (2020) by M Ghofur Khalil, a hadith narrated by Thabrani states that tasyrik day is a day for eating and drinking.

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Then what do Muslims usually do on tasyrik day?

There are several tasyrik day practices that can be done and provide good virtues for Muslims to gain rewards.

1. Slaughtering sacrificial animals

When slaughtering qurban animals for Muslims who can afford it, so that it can please the people around, namely sharing with those who are less fortunate, it is the main practice that can be done on tasyrik day.

2. Enjoying food

Enjoying food from the slaughter and served to the people around.