Why does Allah SWT Only Preserve the Holy Qur’an and Does Not Preserve Other Scriptures other than the Al-Quran? Anybody know


BONSERNEWS.com – Why does Allah SWT only protect the Holy Quran and does not protect other Scriptures other than the Quran?

This question was received by the former Egyptian mufti Sheikh Ali Jum’ah.

“The maintenance of the Koran by Allah SWT does not include other holy books that were sent down by Him. Because the Koran is the final holy book that completes all the previous books,” he said.

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Sheikh Jum’ah said, each prophet was sent specifically to his people.

The Prophet Muhammad SAW was sent to all mankind.

He explained, the Holy Scriptures of the Prophets Abraham and Prophet Musa, the Holy Bible, and the Holy Book of Zabur, were revealed to a group of people, not to other groups.

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Meanwhile, the Al-Quran was revealed to all mankind, both Arabs and other nations, during the time of the Prophet, the period after him, until the last day.

“So the Koran should be preserved without other holy books,” he said.

Sheikh Jum’ah added, Allah SWT wanted the predecessors (people in pre-Islamic times) to maintain, guard or memorize their holy books without distorting or changing them.

However, they were unable to prove and fulfill it.

“Except for a few people who, with the permission of Allah SWT, managed to do this, as a form of glorifying them in the sight of Allah SWT. Allah exalts whoever He wants, and lowers whoever He wants,” he said.

In Al-Quran Surah Al Hijr (15) verse 9, Allah says, “Indeed, it was We who sent down the Koran and We also guarded it.”